Saranne Stylezz on Steve Harvey on TBN

Satan actually has Christians thinking that if they stand for holiness in the face of a wicked and perverse world, thus living a holy life, that it will run people out of the church. The devil has got people who claim to be born-again actually believing that if they resist sin within their bodies as well as within the fold, that people will not wanna be saved (or come to church). I often hear criticism from carnal weak Christians on Youtube telling me that my type (the righteous who discern the things of God and the things of this age and rebuke them), is running people away from the church. Helloooo, people do not wanna be saved primarily for two reasons: 1) because obviously they are not drawn by the Holy Spirit unto salvation (…no man comes to Me unless he is FIRST drawn…), and 2) because of their own wickedness in their heart. They love their darkness so much that they can’t stand the light because it exposes their deeds. That’s it. He wanna keep on sinning and he hates it when righteous folk tell him that his behaviors are not of the Lord. He loves his darkness too much. Granted there may be some perpetrators, some who are self-righteous, but for the most part that is not the case and they don’t really address their comments to that segment of people, he is referring to those who truly stand for righteousness.

The bible says that we (The Bride of Christ) are to take captive every thought and bring it into subjection [to the name of Christ] and be ready to PUNISH EVERY ACT OF DISOBEDIENCE ONCE OUR OBEDIENE IS MADE COMPLETE [in the Lord or God]. Therefore, if we “the sheep” are counted as the righteous before the Father, then we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to first examine ourselves to see if we are of the faith and then with humility rebuke sin.
The world is going to do the world’s bidding, but when it comes to the house of God, there cannot be even a hint of sin known among us…

Going back to the whole judgment thing, whether you ladies like it or not, the Scriptures are replete with commandments to Christians to hold those (even ourselves) who claim to be of the faith, accountable to the standard of CHRIST not the world. I am not talking about the standards of the institutional church either when I say “standard of Christ,” but I am solely referring to the standard mandated by God himself as revealed in His holy, unadulterated, divinely inspired biblical scriptures
God bless you
October 26, 2009 at 1:17pm

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